Jan 22
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 13 - 20,2008『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 13 - 20,2008『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 13 - 20,2008


January 13, 2008
Brass Band, Romania
沙龙国际师:James Stanfield
罗马尼亚,普特纳,一位大号手和他的乐队在为当地的一场婚礼演奏风俗音乐  大图
A sousaphone player and his bandmates add a folksy note to a wedding celebration in Putna, Romania.
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 13 - 20,2008

January 16, 2008
View of Lagoon, Bora-Bora, French Polynesia
沙龙国际师:Jodi Cobb
Bora-Bora泻湖的湛蓝美景被一对扁舟、一只落单的海鸥以及远处线状的泡沫所遮断  大图
This blue-on-blue scene in a Bora-Bora lagoon is interrupted only by a pair of boats, a lone white seabird, and a line of frothy breakers in the distance.
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 13 - 20,2008

January 17, 2008
Costumed Celebrants, China
沙龙国际师:Michael S. Yamashita
中国小镇的一场新年晚会上,表演者们大多着装红色——代表幸运和长寿的颜色 大图
Celebrants clad mostly in red, the color of luck and longevity, await transport to a Chinese New Year festival in a Chinese town.
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 13 - 20,2008

January 18, 2008
Children, Sudan
沙龙国际师:Randy Olson
虽然未来在无尽的民族、宗教争端,水、土地以及石油资源的抢夺下而显得黑暗无比,苏丹那荒凉背景下的两个女孩却犹如希望之岛  大图
Their future marred by conflicts over religion, ethnicity, and resources such as water, land, and oil, these two girls present an island of hope in the desolate landscape of Sudan.
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 13 - 20,2008

January 20, 2008
Nun on Jersey Shore Boardwalk, New Jersey
沙龙国际师:Amy Toensing
新泽西州海滨拥挤的散步道上,一个修女正在尽情享用冰淇淋  大图
A nun enjoys an ice cream cone on a crowded stretch of boardwalk on the New Jersey shore.
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 13 - 20,2008

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