Jan 14
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 03 - 10,2007『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 03 - 10,2007『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 03 - 10,2007


January 01,2008
Sandbar,St. Clair River, Canada
沙龙国际师:Jay Dickman
The Great Lakes是世界上第5大淡水湖,而它的水量正急速萎缩。对于某些人来说(例如这个嬉戏的孩子),不过是多一片新鲜的可以探险的湖岸沙洲;对于水运和捕鱼业的人们来说,不啻于一场灾难
The Great Lakes hold a fifth of Earth's surface fresh water, and they've shrunk dramatically. For some, like this child playing in the St. Clair River, that means miles of newly exposed shoreline and sandbars to explore. For others, like those in the shipping and fishing industry, lakefront property owners, and water-dependent animal species, it's a disaster in the making.
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 03 - 10,2007

January 04, 2008
Baby Gorilla, Gabon
沙龙国际师:Michael Nichols
西部低地大猩猩幼崽Lekedi的特写@加蓬的大猩猩收养所 大图
Lekedi, a baby western lowland gorilla, sits for a close-up at a gorilla orphanage in Gabon.
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 03 - 10,2007

January 07, 2008
Dog and Truck, Colorado
沙龙国际师:David Alan Harvey
一只斑点狗在科罗拉多州的里克镇搭上了卡车。里克镇在19世纪以银的开采而繁荣 大图
A speckled dog catches a ride in Rico, Colorado, the center of a silver mining boom in the late 1800s.
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 03 - 10,2007

January 08, 2008
Beipiaosaurus Fossil, China
沙龙国际师:O. Louis Mazzatenta
北京中科院脊椎动物古生物研究所摆放着的一直北票龙的牙齿化石 大图
The Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, part of the Academia Sinica in Beijing, houses the fossilized teeth of the dinosaur Beipiaosaurus.
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 03 - 10,2007

January 10, 2008
Boreal Forest, Arctic Circle
在北极泰加林内,晨雾轻覆着一处沼泽地 大图
Morning fog blankets a tree-lined bog somewhere in the Arctic boreal forest.
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Jan 03 - 10,2007


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