Dec 11
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Dec 03 - 09,2007『国家地理』一周图片精选:Dec 03 - 09,2007『国家地理』一周图片精选:Dec 03 - 09,2007

December 08, 2007
Acropolis, Athens, Greece
沙龙国际师:James Stanfield
Built as the hilltop home of Athens's patron goddess, Athena, the Acropolis—and its most famous structure, the Parthenon, at right—recall the classical area of the ancient city-state that witnessed a brilliant flowering of art, architecture, philosophy, and democracy in the fifth century B.C.   大图
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Dec 03 - 09,2007

December 06, 2007
Humpback Whale, South Africa
沙龙国际师:David Doubilet
Forty tons of gleaming muscle, a humpback whale blasts out of the water near South Africa.    大图
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Dec 03 - 09,2007

December 05, 2007
Car in Motion, Big Sur, California
沙龙国际师:Frans Lanting
在加利福尼亚州的"Big Sur“处,一辆汽车加速通过一处岩石构成的山体
A car speeds past a rock formation on the roadside in Big Sur, California.   大图
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Dec 03 - 09,2007

December 09, 2007
Striped Cricket on Leaf, Southeast Asia
沙龙国际师:Timothy Laman
叶子上的斑纹蟋蟀   大图
『国家地理』一周图片精选:Dec 03 - 09,2007
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