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沙龙国际展: 《Times》Ingmar Bergman回顾

《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了

Modern Master

1960年的Ingmar Bergman,意气风发。Ingmar Bergman 7月30日辞世,被视为电影史上最伟大的艺术家之一。

Ingmar Bergman on set c. 1960. The Swedish director, who died on July 30, is considered one of the greatest artists in cinema history.

《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了

The Artist as a Young Man

1918年7月14日,Ingmar Bergman出生于瑞典乌普萨拉一个牧师家庭。

Bergman was the son of a Lutheran clergyman. He was born on July 14, 1918 in Uppsala, Sweden.

《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了

'The Seventh Seal'


Regarded as one of the most significant films ever made, Bergman's first masterpiece features Max von Sydow (right) and Bengt Ekerot as Death.

《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了

Visionary 梦想家


Bergman made over 40 films in a career that spanned four decades.

《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了

Love Interest

这名导演曾经结婚5次,与女演员Liv Ullman育有一子。

The director was married five times, but also fathered a child with actress Liv Ullman, photographed here with the director in 1967. Bergman cast Ullman in many of his greatest films.

On Location


The director on the set of one of his films in Sweden, c. 1970.

《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了

Family Life

Bergman在教他的儿子Daniel如何使用一台摄像机,身边为他的第四任妻子Kobi Laretei。

Bergman shows his son, Daniel, how to handle a camera, while his fourth wife, Kabi Laretei, looks on.

《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了



In the early part of his career, Bergman wrote most of his own scripts, but in his later films he came to believe in the value of allowing his actors to improvise their own dialogue.

《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了

89岁的Ingmar Bergman

《Times》:Ingmar Bergman走了

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